GP Painter mobile : 07910 900157 Painting/decorating and more
GP Painter mobile : 07910 900157Painting/decorating and more

Services- tiling, plastering,skimming and more

Our painting and decorating company wish provides you with flawlessly professional services at reasonable prices including plastering, skimming and tiling . You can rely on us whether you require renovation, painting, wallpapering, or cleaning!


We maintain high standards, while meeting your individual wishes at all times and providing competent support for the planning and realisation of your project. We use only the best materials supplied by leading manufacturers and work punctually and neatly. We always find the appropriate solution for both private and business customers.

      - Plastering work;
      - Floor concreting;
      - Drywall installation;
      - Rendering painting;
      - Tiling
      - Placing the floor;
      - Papering work;
      - Addition of liquid wallpaper;
      - Decorating gypsum;
      - Decorating loft system;
      - Carpentry work;
      - Terracing;
      - Wood works;
      - Forging plates;
      - Other finishing and repair works.



The tiles have a lot of great advantages: a durable, serving for decades, resistant to environmental stress and decorative looks, a good choice for those who want a unique interior. Moreover, this coating is ideal for both small and spacious rooms. However, in order that the final result would be unique, you will have to overcome a number of tasks to choose tiles from a variety of species, according to certain criteria to properly stick room.

However, in order to overcome these tasks will require both theoretical and practical knowledge. Do not have them should not overload yourself learning - a process that will require considerable time. But it is also looking into and trying to stick the tiles themselves - incorrectly glued serve not last long, look unattractive and defect removal would require extra costs. However, all of these failures can prevent this if you choose to use our services:

• Having regard to the most important criteria in selecting the most suitable tiles (tiles will be able to choose the ideal only if it is taken into account room size, purpose, interior parts);
• Apart from the quality and, with the help of well-known manufacturers, please follow their gluing;
• After gluing, perform landscaping operations.

Forget long and tiring search for the tile, knowledge-intensive and tedious process of gluing environmental management - all of this for you by our staff. Well, while you enter the express wishes and move on to the next stage of the installation space.

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