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Services- interior painting/decorating, wallpapering and more


We carry out all types of painting/decorating and wallpapering work for interiors. We're proficient in various techniques that allow us to design your rooms individually according to your wishes.


We make a point of using solely high-quality products, offering competent and comprehensive advice and always keeping your design ideas in mind.

Painting & decorating

is not so complex, if they are carried out in accordance with professional advice.

Wall and ceiling painting - probably the funniest part of the repair. Simple painter's tools, colors are good and original idea - it's everything you need to make the room more beautiful. We will advise you as a painted plaster, gipsokartono, wood fiber surface and paintable wallpaper.
Walls and ceilings painted in water-soluble inks. However, it should clarify the terminology used. Latex paint descriptions often encountered the term "water-soluble paint, but only a water dispersion paint thinner, and therefore more accurate to say" water-soluble paint. Water-soluble dyes are, eg., Distempers, as an integral part - cellulose - by water, softened. Modern latex paint and 50 years of produce Distemper paint properties - very different. The new products enable you to prepare impervious to moisture, resistant to high temperatures and surface cleaning.
Painting works:
Brush or roller, a narrow band of about 5-10 cm painted upper and lower parts of the walls, corners and surfaces of the windows, the doors. Non-staining the walls up to the ceiling - leave 1-2 cm gap. The paint can be applied 3-6 rollers width. Merging applied beginning at the first end of the band, from the light source side.


- one of the most important highlight of the interior home.

If you decide to replace the old wallpaper before starting the work it is important to properly prepare the surface. Peel the old wallpaper. You can use special tools, should also be sprayed with water and leave for several minutes to soften the glue. Then peel easier. Wall cleanly wiped off the wallpaper and glue residue. If necessary, the wall need skimming .
Papering work:

If the wall is equal to - cutting several strips in advance. By cutting strips of the letter without having to add 15 cm to the measured height of the wall. If you find the need to harmonize - bring it on the floor and mark the other side of the tape bonding procedures. Glue away from the main light source. Gluing finalizing the corner of the door, where is joints not so indicates. Smear the reverse side of wallpaper glue and leave to soak the glue. On the wallpaper labels often indicate the time needed to soak the glue. Gluing need exactly vertically. To make it easier - draw vertical line on the wall, which combine first and pasted tape. The upper end of the band in the close to the ceiling, leaving a 2-4 cm border. Adherent to the wall wallpaper compare the hand, with a roller or brush from the middle to the edges. Then glue the second zone to coincide edge designs. Glued strips at the edges of skirting boards and ceiling levels of cuts

Liquid wallpaper, what is it? This is a dry mix of cotton, silk and acrylic matrix. Liquid wallpaper is not sold in rolls and plastic packages. Package contents to be mixed with the right amount of water and the wallpaper will be ready to use.
Benefits. This environmentally friendly material made from natural raw materials. The product has a wide range of colors and a multitude of surface textures. As a result, for all interiors: apartment, house decoration, luxury hotel and office interiors. Liquid wallpaper requires no special surface preparation, they can be glued without Borders putties and save money. Coated with a special coating can be applied on plaster, concrete, plaster or wood. Liquid wallpaper on their fibrous structure has good sound and heat insulation properties. Unlike ordinary wallpaper, liquid wallpaper of the entire surface without seams, they bear a cracked walls and burst through them visible. The walls liquid wallpaper can cover without professional aid.

• a natural, environmentally friendly material;
• stretchy, elastic structure (hides wall fissures);
• easy to correct violations;
•sound insulation;
• heat insulation (coated surface is warm);
• regulating humidity;
• breathable;
• anti-static (dust-resistant material.);
• Varnish can be washed and cleaned

We provide the following services:

  • painting
  • decorating
  • maintenance 
  • sanding
  • plastering 
  • wallpapering
  • Liquid wallpaper
  • skimming
  • boarding walls/ceilings

Whatever the size of your project, we always use the best materials!


The staircase frequently offers the first impression of a building. With scratch-resistant and waterproof paints and varnishes, we give your staircase a brand-new radiance!

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