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In addition to painting/decorating the facades of your building, we help you with concrete damage repair, colour and design, protection and maintenance, as well as further individual services.

Facades- wooden paneling

Facade - the house is an architectural style, in which the first note. Properly selected home exterior finish improves not only its aesthetic image, but also thermal insulation, protection against environmental influences, and thus increase the home's value. Cladding wooden boards, using spruce wood is one of the most popular, the facade decoration works in Europe. Facade decoration recommend using spruce boards (quality class B) for some very simple reasons.

Džiūnat spruce cells "closed" and the wood from the nucleus to the sapwood is similar to pine. Pine sapwood remain "open" and closes only the core. For cell structure tree draws less moisture than pine and therefore less deformed due to moisture.

The facade finishes used wood moisture content must be less than 20%, because while drying wood shrinks. This can cause problems, especially if you use the boards with rebated. Moisture of coated plates, depending on the type of paint can be 15-18%.

Fir decorative wood is relatively inexpensive. Many believe that the wood rots quickly, but if the wood treatment works well and perform surface-treated with diligence and satisfactory quality materials, from wood can actually observe it maintained its character as much as you want to time.

Most of the somewhat capable yourselfers how to work with this material. Always enough "spare parts" because the wood easily cut to the desired dimensions.

Eventually the last reason for this: spruce twigs and core tags staining is not visible!

Facade paneling forms and types are very many, choose really comes from Lithuania and neighboring States of the range.

The facade is determined by the nature of the surface quality of the wood, planks type and surface treatment. These three factors are interrelated, so simple planks, painted in rust color, the surface is sanded and spraustlentės (with tongue), painted with oil paint, usually planed or at least neatly cut.

Installation Methods - vertically or horizontally, the architect has to deal with, along with the owner. Vertical siding may slightly enhance the house height impression while using horizontal façades seem calmer. Vertical or horizontal direction can be enhanced and selecting the cruder type boards, or vice versa.

Our services include:

  • pebble dashing
  • rendering
  • painting
  • decorating


Whatever the size of your project, we always use the best materials!

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